Distributed Simulations 1

Session Chair: Stephan Waack

03:00 pm – 03:25 pm
Fabian Glaser, Alexander Bufe, Christian Köhler, Jens Grabowski, Gunther Brenner and Phlipp Wieder
Uni Göttingen, TU Clausthal, GWDG Göttingen, Uni Göttingen,TU Clausthal, GWDG Göttingen
Transparent Model-Driven Provisioning of Computing Resources for Numerically Intensive Simulations

03:25 pm – 03:50 pm
Helmut Neukirchen
University of Iceland
Performance of Big Data versus High-Performance Computing: Some Observations    

03:50 pm – 04:15 pm
Marlon Welter, Daniel Honsel, Verena Herbold, Andre Staedtler, Jens Grabowski and Stephan Waack
Göttingen University
Assessing Simulated Software Graphs using Conditional Random Fields

04:15 pm – 04:40 pm
Sebastian Boehm and Michael Kirsche
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg
Parallel Radio Channel Emulation and Protocol Simulation for Wireless Sensor Networks with Hardware-in-the-Loop    

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